Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a couple of my fav books

These illustrations are from a couple of my favourite books. Being book week i thought i might keep with a bit of a book theme. The first two are from "What do you do with a kangaroo" by Mercer Mayer. This was my book when i was little and it has the most gorgeous illustrations in it and the cutest story line. I still love reading it to tully and asher.The rhyme and pictures ar just fantastic. I've always loved this little chick in the credit bit at the front especially!

This is my latest score from a second hand book shop. The book is called "Gnomes" by Wil Poortvliet an illustrated by Rien Huygen. we had this book in my library at school and i used tolove it. i was pretty stoked topick it up the other day for $20. Mink condition and hard cover! The illustrations are just fantastic. Here are couple of pics i especially love.

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