Thursday, September 13, 2007

long blogging

well it has been a while, hasn't it! Gee time flies......

We made a flying (literally) visit to Melbourne on the weekend for Lach's Mum's 60th. Kids were great on the flight (it's only 1 hour) although the descent into adelaide on return leg was a little hard on the tullster as she had picked up a bit of a cold and her ears were giving her trouble. Whilst in melb we got to catch up with tikki, andy, lily and granny annie (aka annie bammie) for a visit to the zoo. What fun we all had, albeit a little tired from the party the night before. No we didn't party hard just stayed up late waiting for taxi's to ferry us home.

Back home Monday and lach had to go away bright and early tuesday morning so here i am holding the fort. Got to the shops yesterday and purchased some nice bright tee's. I was particularly pleased to get some suitable for boys as they have been hard to find lately. Have finished painting 2 little chicks and have a turtle and elephant appliqued and ready to paint. Have some pics done for some more little dudes and bought some size 4 tee's especially. The thing that puzzles me is that there is hardly any difference in size between a size 2 cotton-elastane and a size 4 cotton bonds top. Not sure what it is with that.
I'm hoping to do a rather largish stocking at the end of next week, although it is busy busy time for lach and the little native orchids he works on. They're popping up all over the country side and he's madly running around the hills collecting leaf samples. The orchid at the top of the page is what he's working on (i think) and i'm not sure if the shot is set up or for real???? anyway i like it
and a special happy birthday to lana lizard :D missing you liz

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