Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm a proud mumma :0)

Gee my little girl's talented! Doesn't every mum think this about their children lol. Well I certainly do. I've worked for years teaching art to children with the last 5 years of my working life being in an art gallery where i mostly worked with 4-5 year olds. In an art gallery you wouldn't think there would be a lot of hands-on activities but Canberra Museum and Gallery has the most wonderful studio. Nearly every day i would trundle around the gallery reeling of the same speil to a group of 30 small children and then we would venture into the studio where the fun would well and truly begin. I love the total abandon which children approach creating art with. There is no "i can't draw/paint, etc..". They simply enjoy the process of creation. i really hope Tully can hold onto this attitude and that schooling and the attitudes which can be developed there don't destroy her enjoyment of creating cause man she sure does love it. Just checkout those painting! The first one is "hey diddle diddle the cow jumped over the moon. When i asked her what it was she just recited the poem. Ah a peformance artist:D And the other painting is tully and asher's first collaboration and it is of course a rainbow :D Just beautiful.

and this gorgeous fabric is what i'm hoping to make today. Mind you every time i go to make something i find that either i don't have enought fabric or i need something i don't have. So here's hoping that i actualy get to do this one today :D

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