Wednesday, October 31, 2007

shirty with shirring

I'm not sure why i can't do it but i can't!!!! Every time i have tried to shirr something it just doesn't work. Tikki has told me how to do it and i have done it once whilst staying with tik but even with help over the phone I still can't get it. Anyway, this is the dress i wanted to be a babydoll dress but it's simply a dress with some stitching across the top which was supposed to be shirring *rolls eyes*. Oh well, tully doesn't mind and it still looks ok.

Lately Tully has taken to wearing her fairy dress all the time. If music is on, well she simply must have her fairy dress to twirl in. Asher actualy doesn't mind wearing it either. Today she decided that Asher simply had to have some wings as well, especially since dollie had wings on too. So here's Asher in some shots that he is sure to hate/or love me for when he is older. Look how pleased he is with himself and his style.

Today tully also had her first attempt at sewing and LOVED it. I gave her a large wool needle and thread and some scraps of material and she was busy for at least the next hour. Just look at the concentration. ohhhh I'm a proud mumma :0)

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tikki said...

Asher looks beautiful in his wings!!! :D

Clever Tully, I shall send her some stuff for her sewing kit, found sound waste canvas she'd love to thread wool through!