Saturday, October 6, 2007

pretty bunny

i did a sketch of this little bunny ages ago and have been meaning to paint it and finally got around to doing it yesterday. I've popped her up live in tikki's store now :) She was really quick to do so i've put her up at a lower price than normal.
At the moment tikki and i also have a bit of an auction going for a pikki tint set. I've been blown away a bit by how popular our stuff is and this auction has REALLy capped it. I am so pleased and thankfull that people appreciate and love our stuff so much. It is so rewarding to know that every item goes to a loving home and that there are people who really respect the amount of work, care and individaul attention each of our pieces receives. So a big thankyou to those who purchase, bid or just appreciate both mine and tikki's stuff. It fills my little heart with joy and makes me whistle with pride :)

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