Saturday, October 6, 2007

a special present

Well tully has been truly spoilt once again! This time by her very talented auntie Georgina (aka tikki

Tikki made up this stunning little set for tully for her 3rd birthday. All right tully might have turned 3 in July but something like this is truly worth waiting for. I knew tikki had purchased this very special fabric from Kristen Doran a while ago and was puzzling about what to do with it.

Well this is what she made :)

She has made it in a larger size so Tully will get lots of wear out of it but it is still perfect now with the cuffs of the pants folded up. The dress has a beautiful little trim with owls on it as well.

Thepants are just so gorgoues too. I love the owl down the side of the leg.What a perfect spot for this little guy. The pants also have the same trim across the bottom but at the moment it's covered as tully is still a bit of a shortie for them.

The set also goes beautifully with the owl tee I made tully for her birthday. How cute is that. How special for a little owl loving babe, which i must admit i do foster as tikki did suggest cheeky girl

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Rio Oso Designs said...

Such a beautiful set, and a beautiful little girl!