Saturday, October 6, 2007

zippity do dah

Now with all those special presents for Tully, tikki couldn't go and leave the little asher man without something special, now could she. No way! Not with me harping for a new pair of pants all the time (hehe) And not only do i hassle her but i hassle for a pair of these in particular!
When i first saw this zipper fabric i totally loved it and desperately wanted a pair of pants for asher in it. Then cheeky little tikki made a pair but popped them up in her shop to sell. I wasn't allowed to buy them so hinted and harped a bit and lo and behold it all paid off and Asher got this devine pair of little duds. Not only do they have the zips but they are also made out of very special black denim hemp. Unfortunatley Asher wasn't up for a photo shot today so you'll all have to wait to see action shots. Now how lucky are my children!


Kylees said...

We own a pair quite similar:P They are def a fave here the zipper fabric is just so funky!

megsie said...

I knew you got the other pair Kylee! And i was so jelaous at the time