Sunday, November 25, 2007

cheeky monkey

It's been a while since i made a tee for the asher basher boy so i pulled my finger out last week and whipped up this little number. It really suits the little fella. The daks he has on are a pair tikki made him when he was very little. I think they might be a 00. He wears them as long shorts now and will probably be in them next year as proper length shorts. Talk about getting maximum life out of clothing:)

I love this second shot. See how the ball is captured mid air. Asher had thrown it and Lach took the shot. Genius.

And this is what has been keeping my hands busy whilst i have a little break from the tee's. I don't know what it is with me and felt and buttons, but i can't stop playing with them. These are a couple of chrissy decorations I've been having fun with and some more hairclips. Today i started our advent calendar as December is looming ever closer and guess what it's made from? You guessed it...spotty felt and buttons. just can't get enough...

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