Friday, November 30, 2007

it's beginning to feel a lot like....

christmas :) i barely snuck it in but have finished our advent calendar and strung it up tonight all ready for tully and asher in the morning. I go the idea for these little envelopes from here.
Mine are quite a bit brighter and varied but i don't think i would have gotten all 25 done if they were all the same. I'm thinking i might separate each one with a bit of ribbon to stop them from sliding around but otherwise I'm pretty happy with them. I've made a couple of stars to go in them instead of chocolates whcih will go straight on the tree. Still got to get one of those though.

I think the kids are going tolove it:)

another thing both my kids love to do is paint. No surprise there. However, i was surprised by tully's aspirations to be a hair colourist. Gee i though Asher's hair was vivid enough without the added colour:)

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