Sunday, December 2, 2007

wolly the christmas tree

when i was growing up we always had real christmas trees. Having grown up in southwest victoria where the early settlers tore down nearly every gum and planted pines there was no shortage of trees to be found at christmas time. Road sides were abundant with pines and every year dad would bring us home one to decorate. This year we went off in search of a suitable tree but came home empty handed. Living in a city those pesky little pines just weren't as numerous. So we decided to bite the bullet and get the type of tree we really wanted, a wollemi pine. And he is just lovely. We call him wolly although tully gets confused and keeps calling him fluffy which i think it a great name for him as well. I can't believe that these trees were only discovered about 8 years ago and they are already commercially available. As they are a rainforest plant they are perfect for indoors and since they've outlived the dinosaurs I'm sure hoping they are going to be strong enough to survive our household. More info can be found about them here.
I've been a bit consumed by christmas at the moment and haven't been doing much on the t-shirt front. These 4 tee's have been aplliqued and are now just waiting for some paint. Hopefully they'll be making random appearances in the store by the end of the week.


starashan said...

hey, I actually reckon than stripy tee looks pretty darn cool as is! Even without the paint!! :o) Is it a bear or a lion.....?

megsie said...

A lion:) all painted up now but i did like him as just applique too.

Anonymous said...

Wolly looks fabulous all dolled up. We went with a pine nut tree for xmas as the wollemis were a bit out of our price range