Wednesday, December 5, 2007

i heart tunics

i really do:) i wear them way too often but still find myself looking for more.
Today whilst in spotlight i spotted this beautiful japanese fabric. I had seen the lighter versions of this and but never the black! I'm pretty excited about this find any nearly ran home to rummage through my pile of patterns for the perfect one.
I have a heap of Mum's old pattern's that i just love. I have narrowed the choice down to these two. I will probably go with the style of the pink one in the pattern at the top as I'm still breastfeeding and the idea of a zip at the front rather than the back appeals. I also like the little pockets and the darts that rise up from them. That being said, if i wasn't breastfeeding I would probably go with the brown spotted on at the bottom but with a zip up the back that makes it a bit more difficult for asher to gain access on demand. I guess i could try to alter the pattern but i will need to draft them in a bit as it is and that's enough mucking around with a pattern for my liking:) anyway wish mne luck and bit of time to devote to a project for me for a change

whilst rummaging through my patterns I came across this beauty. Talk about stylish swimwear. I actually really love the dark floral ones but there is no way i'm making myself bathers! And would you look at the length of the legs on these lasses! Jeepers!!

Today was also crafting day, which was actually the reason for the trip to spotlight. Tully and i were going to make our Christmas cards today inspired by some we had seen on kids craft weekly a while ago. Tully decided to make Mrs. claus and doesn't she look just perfect. I think Mrs.claus got into the Christmas Brandy a bit too early :D Sadly this was the only card tully made which left to finish off the rest of them :$ They weren't nearly as special as Tully's.

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starashan said...

Great patterns! I'm hanging out to do something for me, too. Lots of ideas, and no time. *sigh*

I love Tully's Mrs Claus too... very cute! :o)