Monday, November 12, 2007

santa claus is coming..../sneak peaks :0)

i really don't like hi-5 but i can't stop humming this little ditty. I'm getting a bit excited about the upcoming festive season :) On the weekend we went along and checked out the much talked about christmas pageant here in adelaide. We only caught the end bit of it but it was very impressive. Tully and Asher loved it! So did the other 300 000 who attended :0 The next day we participated in the walk against warming. Unfortunately the south aussie's weren't as active partcipants with only about 2000 or so there.

Yesterday tully and i baked. I don't buy biscuits anymore as i much prefer to make our own. Much yummier and not as chock full of crap. This is our batch from yesterday. Tully just wanted to make circles but i couldn't resist the trees lol.

and this is a little sneak peak of what i've been doing and have just about finished.

and another little sneak peak of the latest pikkitint venture. My side done and on to tikki now.

and the last sneak peak is the beginning of my next project which should be appearing up at ozebaby before the end of the week.

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