Thursday, November 8, 2007

ohhhh the concentration.....

threading a needle sure is hard work, especially when your only 3 :D Tully recieved a little sewing activity in the mail from her fabulous aunty georgina the other day and couldn't wait to get started "knitting" (she gets a bit confused). I found her concentrating very hard trying to thread the needle. oh soooooo cute!

Today was a great day. For one the sun is shining and it is lovley and warm but the other good thing was the ever thoughtful lachmonster took some time off work today to allow me to go to the craft and quilt fair for 3 hours by myself!!!! Gee i felt sorry for all the other mum's there pushing prams and battling with their bubs amongst the hordes of grannies. So this is a bit of my haul. The rest is pressies for my little mum so i can't post pics just in case. Can you see a colour theme happening:D I was sooooo stoked to find the baby chibi dolls pattern by the talented Jhoanna from one red robin at a great store quilt fabric delights. I also got a very cute giraffe pattern by Melly and me and some fabulous fat quaters. Now i need so squeeze some time in to make some stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful loot! And thank you for picking up a Baby Chibi pattern :-) Look forward to seeing yours if you have a chance to make one up.