Tuesday, November 6, 2007

what's been going on?

Things have been a bit quiet on the t-shirt front of late. Tully's is the only tee I've painted for ages. That's because i've been busy on another project using the above type of paints for a change. I used to be an oil painter but haven't used them since i've had kids as #1, i don't have the space and #2 the fumes are really full on and not safe for kids to be around in my opinion. So now i use acrylics when i do paint.

The other things i have just been doing is washing a bucketload of tees ready to be painted. The ever helpful tikki found a heap of tees for me and today they arrived in the post. Lots and lots of different types of Bonds numbers there. I was so excited i had to wash them immediately. I'm particularly excited about the little yellow, white and pink one as they are so hard to find now. I already have a sketch ready to go up on this little number.

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