Monday, January 21, 2008

sweet as....

talk about the money shot :) How sweet is this little shot of the tullster all dressed up and looking angelic. Take a close look at how nice her flowers look and then checkuot the last shot. lol.
The occassion was little sis lana's wedding day and my it was a lovley day. The wedding went without a hiccup _ thanks to the man with the keen eyes who saved the veil and the bride from going up in smoke. tikki, myself and our little girls were brides maids and flowergirls, along with lana's new hubby's sis and my neice demi. I have some great shots to share but don't want to go plastering pics of people over the web without permisssion so these are just some snippets.

the little rednut couldn't let the girls dance alone during the ceremony now could he!

What a princess. A big thanks to Aunty lana for letting us be princesses for the day and to aunty tikki for making tully's gorgeous dress. Saddly it didn't survive the day but is sure to be the mumber one fav dressup for sometime now.

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tikki said...

great pics megsie, they were very cute weren't they!!!