Thursday, January 24, 2008

softie love

This was my chrissy present from santa :D Well we also got a big whopping spanking new tent to live in whilst camping over in the beautiful and very quaint Port Fairy but these were a little more exciting ;) I grew up just inland from Port fairy and gee it's changed alot! It still has a wonderful timeless quality to it and i have so many fond memories of it, especially in summer.

So i've been bitten by a little love for softies. They are so quick and so rewarding to make. Pictured is Miss Buttons from Sew your own who I was planning on giving to my friend Anna however Tully tells me that Anna doesn't need dolls, she has a robot:) Apparently Miss buttons is a perfect friend for Chibi doll. Maybe Anna might just get another Miss Buttons.:)

The books all have so many fabulous ideas and i really NEED to make so many things from them so it may be a little while until anything new appear in the shop. I do however have a trillion (well nearly) sketches from camping and relaxing that are patiently waiting for me to give them some attention but for the moment I'm enjoying the air of holiday which is lingering in our house. I hope it's lingering in yours too:)


Cloud Nine said...

She's such a cute little doll!

I love your blog - very classy! :)

tikki said...

aw she's very cute!!!!!!

starashan said...

so sweet!

glad you had a great holiday :o)