Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ms.chai tea bag

This little softie was such an easy little project and one I had been itching to do since i got the softies book for xmas. Instant gratification :) She was lots of fun to do - i think I might need to do some more. She's actually supposed to be tea bag but my order of moss green felt arrived looking much more khaki and anyway I enjoy chai tea much more so there she is.

She's modelling one of my very special tea cups and saucers that once belonged to my Gran, Lila. Tully has taken an extra special liking to this cup and suacer, especially as she shares Great Gran's name and there's a princess on it. She has milk from it and feels very special. I get a wee bit nervous:)

More softies to come soon. Tully really wants me to do the poo dollop next *rolls eyes*. I want to do a gorgeous teddy bear but have to enlarge the pattern first.


tikki said...

cute cute cute!!!

Lily just saw this and said, "Mummy I want to see the poo dolly" PMSL they really are too much alike!!!

tikki said...
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