Friday, February 8, 2008

sketches and scribbles

I love this new design of the cloth bum bubba. I've always used cloth on my kids and am pretty proud of that fact. I started using them purely for environmental reasons but budget and appearance have also played a huge part. I'm planning on using this little sketch/ scribble on quite a few tee's. The writing won't be on the tees though. It's a bit naff :$ I already have two leaves and nappies appliqued ready for painting today.

This is another little sketch i did ages ago and have been meaning to pop on a tee. Hopefuly this little fella will make an appearance soon.

And below is a line up of the next lot of tees for the shop. All boyish colours but quite small. Boys larger sizes are always the hardest to find :(

I should be able to get this lot done to go up sometime next week. Lach tells me he's taking the kids over to a mates today so it may just happen.

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