Saturday, February 9, 2008

happy accidents

so Lach gave me a pretty decent break yesterday :) and I was able to get 3 tees finished and up into the shop today. I popped the up and then went and did the groceries and upon returning home found they were all sold ( a huge thankyou to a very generous lady). A bit surprised as i thought they would take a while being smaller sizes however tikki has also stocked today and last time i looked she had some fab new stuff still available.

Anyway these are the little numbers i put up. Twit and twoo was the happy accident. After i had appliqued him i discovered he was off centre so twoo was born and i am so pleased with how he turned out. They are such a cute little pair. Tully thought they should be for her of course. :D

And i'm pretty happy with how the cloth bum buba's turned out. I think i'll do more of this little guy. Some girlie version will be sweet too. I have the same leaf fabric in pinks and black and pink. Lach did say that the rednut resembles a flanders kid a bit :O a big raspberry to him

A bit of an influx of tee's hey! Well i'm still waiting on material for softies. :( Bloody postie lost one parcel (grrr) and the other one was only sent on friday. Poor softies having to wait :(

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