Monday, February 18, 2008

turtle rodeo!

My partner, Lachie used to do conservation work on Green Turtles. For fieldwork the capture of the turtles involved something they called turtle rodeo. Basically they'd go out in boats and jump onto the turtles back to capture them. Pretty crazy stuff hey. The turtle weren't hurt at all - they're bloody huge. So when I did the sketch for this little pixie it instantly reminded me of a turtle rodeo, well my vision of one anyway.

I gave this little guy the name Godwin which I really love. It means good friend:) I have him up previewing in the shop at the moment and plan on putting him up for auction over the weekend.

I've also made a couple more softies. :)

Polly and cosmonaut devilis in the works. The devil will be for a little boy who is turning 3. Tully has claimed Polly once again. She was meant to be for someone else *rolls eyes* Oh well I'll just have to make more. damn hey :)

I'm hoping to get a couple more tee's done for the shop before Friday. So check it out. They'll be just poping up live.

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