Thursday, February 21, 2008


sorry guys I'm an absolute slacker and haven't gotten any more t's done for the shop. I have no excuse except these guys kept me busy.

Both are gifts which Lach is pretty happy about. He thinks we are getting taken over by softies :)

off to melb for Lach's grandparents 65th wedding anniversary this weekend. Amazing hey! Absolute legends:)


ingrid said...

Oh but there is no such thing as too many softies! Well not the cute kind anyway. I would love a house full of these.

And congrats to the grandparents! What a wonderful achievement.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop looking at your cosmonaut devil, he's the cutest softie I have seen!

Gorgeous work Megsie :)

starashan said...

They look great, Megsie!!

btw, I'm tagging you for the 7 random things meme. Come check my blog for the rules if you want to play! :o)