Monday, March 10, 2008


arggghhhhh it is just so darn hot here! My third post for the day and as you probably guessed I haven't really achieved alot today. Soooo lethargic.

Ok whinge over:) I've been lying around on the lounge sketching whilst the babes watched playschool and Asher climbed over me for more "juice". We're all feeling the heat a bit. I had these sketeches in my head for a while and today I finally got them down on paper. They are both intended for collaborations with my talented sis tikki. We call our collaboration stuff pikki tint, a bit of a spin on both our stuff. So one will be a pinnie and the other a boys set. Can you guess which will be which? I'm thinking the boy might need to have a little bit more of a smile and energy (he's looking like I feel) going on but otherwise I'm happy with the sketches. Now to find the energy to do the paintings and then whizz them off to tik before she sets off on her easter holiday.

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