Tuesday, March 11, 2008

on my desk

Well this little fella was "at" my desk for a bit so I couldn't really get onto to the stuff that was "on" my desk. Now he's gone off to bed though so I can get back to what I've been trying to do all morning and by gosh it's 2pm already.

A bit of painting on the old bonds t-shirts. Lach reminded me last night that I had promised a tee for a friend's nephew and that she is heading homme this weekend. Best get cranking on that one:) You may spy my preferred paints, Permaset. Any other fabric artists out there want to share there fav brands? I'm always looking out for recommendations. I like Permaset as they are water based. No icky fumes and they are really durable. Oh and check out my over-laden paint palette. I do need a new one!

Back to the babe in arms at the top. I think this is what may have tuckered him out so much this morning. Oh the budding artist, although it may be a make-up artist:)

Thanks to kootoyoo for the meme. It's fun to sticky at what everyone is up to.


CurlyPops said...

Such a cute grin in that bottom photo. Make sure to post a photo of your t-shirt when it's finished. Even the outline looks cute!

Anonymous said...

this is great.
the colours and art wonderful.

Looks like someone had fun when he woke up!

Kirsty said...

Sleeping smalls are best of all. That is a lovely pic.

Maureen said...

When you have sweet angels on your desk, what more is there?