Sunday, March 16, 2008

great finds

Just in case you didn't know..... It's still bloody hot! Shesh. Crazy, crazy weather.

We have been spending way too much time inside due to the heat but ventured out yesterday to check out some shops on the other side of Adelaide I had been wanting to for ages. So over to nest studio and one small room in Croydon we headed. What a fabulous little street they have tucked over there in Croydon. If you live in Adelaide and haven't checked it out, go there! Both shops are just unreal. I bought a couple of little belle and boo cards and found the most devine little pair of sandals I really wish I had found at the beginning of summer. What a great little studio too. Some little people were very happily slapping paint around when we visited.

At one small room I got a bit of aunt cookie , hollabee and kristen doran wares. How cool to score such cool stuff from such awesome talented ladies. I really wanted some of the sprout fabric but that has to wait for the next visit.

Further down the street we quickly zipped into a very cool shop called hype and seek. I scored a beaut little shirt for Asher in there. The label has me a bit mystified though. Anyone know what they mean by non iron cotton, cause it needs an iron? Another great shop though. Sooo many cool things to be found. Kids had had enough by now and melt downs were promised so off home we wandered so I could finish....

this little chick. I should really wait until this little pixie is in her new home before I post pics, but I was a bit excited that she turned out as I intended (except one arm is a bit lower than the other, that I just had to share. Thanks for the lovely comments on the first pixie with the most unfortunate name. I'll let the little lass, whom this pixie is flying off to, have the naming rights. Although she did teach my daughter the hilarity of the word "fart" so she may not be granted a much nicer name. :)


CurlyPops said...

Ooh that pixie is so sweet!

starashan said...

love your new pixie! and the buttons... and all the rest of your shopping treats :o)

Glad to hear you guys haven't melted yet :o)

milasmum said...

holy cow Megsie! Your pixie softies are just devine :)
...will you be doing little boy elf ones too ;)