Tuesday, March 4, 2008

some little gals

I managed to finish off a couple of gals last night. I'm trying to use the tone my little neice Lily does when she says girls. For her they are little gals. Too cute. I have lots of ideas for new ones but I'm really hanging to make a pixie softie. I can't stop thinking about how I could make it. You know the pattern and all that. I already have fabric planned I just need to do a little bit more thinking about the wings. I think they will be great pressies. aOf course Tully's will have to be first and then a little boy onefor asher as he misses outa bit, cause he doesn't demand them. Now if I was making firetrucks that would be another story.

So here's Suzy Strawberry first. I've done a couple of strawberry themes before but this tee just screamed for strawberry fabric. This little lass will be going up in the shop sometime today.

This little lady is for my little neice, Nikayla. I don't think she reads my blog so I don't think her surprise will be ruined.

And last is a tee and some pockets that are about to be whizzed off in the post to tikki to finish off for a belated prize for NC. A bit tardy and no excuses. So I hope the receipient doesn't mind and that she likes the set. The flower is the cooktown orchid and is the floral emblem for queensland where this tee is heading to. I really like doing the pixies with native flowers. I think there will be more of these soon. Oh and speaking of sets I forgot to post pics of a special custom tikki and I did for a very patient lady. Tikki has pics of it here

Shesh my kids are going feral! Best go break up the brawl....

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