Sunday, March 2, 2008

granny annie goodness

Graany Annie (aka my mum) and my brother David came to visit this weekend and I well and truely got spoilt. Mum is a bit of afabric addict like Tikki so we hit the quilting shopsjust for a look. I was very spoilt and mum purchased this great bag pattern along with some gorgeous amy butler fabric to make it with. Isn't she ace! It's for my b'day which is still over a month away. Hopefully I'll have the bag made by then!

She also spoilt me by giving me this quilt I have been hinting for. Well actually I've been harassing her for it :) Mum has made both my kids cot quilts (havei shown them off?) and both are made from flannel. I love the snuggly feeling and texture of quilts made with flannel. This one was one the first Mum made and I've always loved it. I'm normally not into floral but i so love this. I can' wait for the cool weather and then it's going straight on my bed!

I couldn't go to a craft shop and not purchase any fabric now could I. This is the little bundle i purchased. Some are intended for softies and other tee's. The light blue with the silhouettes was another gift from annie and I'm hoping to make it into a dress for tully. She better wear it if I do!

And last a few tee's ready for some paint. One for a little 2 year old miss who also has a softie ready for a gift but i forgot to take a pic of it, one for a promised prize and one for the shop. Hopefully my pixies will let me paint them today :)


Anonymous said...

Well now we know where you and Tikki inherited your great taste, the bag fabrics are gorgeous!

I did some t-shirt painting today, its not half as easy as you make it look LOL

starashan said...

awesome fabrics, Megsie!! was that Nest Studip you went to or something? I ahve heard about a couple of great fabric stores in Adelaide. (and thanks for the tip- I've just put some pics of me wearing the badges up.- or at least two oftem... hopefully people will get the idea)

tikki said...

spoilt spoilt spoilt LOL

can't believe you finally scored that quilt!!!!!
i have some of the same amy b fabrics in my stash LOL love the silhouettes and gnomes :D

megsie said...

hey Kris I wish that knitting was half as easy as you make it look! :D
Thanks all the same:)

Not nest Sherrin. Just some quilting shops.