Saturday, March 29, 2008

thrifting goodness

Today was an almighty day of thrifty goodness. I checked out quite a few oppies I had never been to and came away with some great finds. A few times I nearly wet my pants with excitement! Truly!! Firtsly was because of the little yellow sewing box. I'm so in love with it's sunniness. Then I also found a little girl's one for Tully. Score:)

I also found this great pillow slip. It's flannel so I'm not really sure what I'll do with it. May just keep it as a slip.

Lots of patterns. These are what I was really searching for as I need to make Tully some new dresses for winter. Now to find the right fabrics. They all look pretty simple so hopefully I'll be able to whip them up quickly.

This pattern was such a great find. It's in such great condition for such an oldie (it's from 1965). The only thing is that as much as I love it, I don't think I'll actually make it. So here's my first blog giveaway. The patterns a size 4 and apparently it's suitable for chubbies:) If you would like it just leave me a message and I'll get my little princess to select a random number.

I also found some absolute pearler's in the way of crafting books. Scrap Savers Stitchery Book is just brilliant. There are so many things I'm really looking forward to making and I love the idea behind the book, using scraps you have.

My favourite :)

This is to be my crafting offer for chrissy.

And the most fabulous child's apron I have ever seen!

The matryoshka mama and babies is also on my new list of "to do"

So much to do..... too much inspiration..... Oh and I got some old kids videos so I can actually get some of it done. Naughty?:)


CurlyPops said...

What fab finds! I particularly love those sewing baskets.

Anonymous said...

Nice finds there!