Tuesday, April 1, 2008

softie love, love, love

Is this not one of the cutest shots!!!! I love it. What a little cherub my little girl can be....most of the time.

Today was glorious. It has been really cold lately which is a bit extreme after having so much heat for so long. Apparently Adelaide has had it's lowest temps for March as well as its highest. Crazy. Anyway, today had warmth in the air and blue skies so I grabbed the opportunity to take some shots of the softies to pop up in the shop. I've had a really lovely response to these so I'm really hoping that someone is going to love Millicent mushroom, the first little lass to go up for sale.

I love her bright vibrant colours! Pink, red and orange are just such a superb colour combination.

I'm working on some mates for her which will hopefully make an appearance before the end of the week. I would also really like to pop up a matching softie and t-shirt, how cute would that be for a gift! But we're all a little sniffly in the house at the moment so I guess we'll just have to see how that one goes. Still haven't picked up the paint brush for a while. Maybe tomorrow....

I'm planning on stocking alot of stuff randomly. I tried to do the hyena thing recently myself and I really sucked at it and just got really frustrated so I'm going to try not to do that to anyone else anymore. I figure surprises are always nicer, so if your keen on some pint wares, check the shop regularly and you may just find what you want sitting there waiting for you.

Oh and I'm a little bit *blush* embarassed about the give away I offered the other day. I had a couple of comments but no one really said they wanted it and I hadn't really said to say "i'd like the pattern pretty please". Sooooo let me know if you'd like the pattern I offered in the post below. Let's just say first in first served:) But please tell me if you want it in your post. Bit of a lame give away really. I promise a bigger and better one some time soon:)


lindy said...

She is just goegeous Megsie :) I like the whole random stocking thing too- gives everyone a chance :) (ie: yes I am jealous of those with cable or other fast connections! ;))

ingrid said...

Megsie, she is so divine! I like the random stocking idea too, it means I am in with a chance.

I love all your thrifty finds too. Those sewing baskets are just precious.