Wednesday, March 5, 2008

we're going to WOMAD :)

Ever since we moved to the festival state we've always wanted to go to Womad. So this year we scrounged our pennies and bought tickets. I've been so excited about this for so long but that changed a little bit when I saw the weather report for the weekend. At the moment Adelaide is experiencing a bit of a heat wave. No problem there we just chill out inside a bit more. But this weekend it's supposed to be 36 and 39!!! It wouldn't be such a bother if we didn't have little tackers. The evenings will be lovely at least and thankfully it's in the Botanicla Gardens and we'll just set up under a nice cool tree. But still it's gonna be hot:(

I printed these singlet's for the kiddies today. Asher has had quite a few tee's with this tree stencil on it. What can I say but it's a fav. Tully needed something too, since asher had one so she chose the fairy. After I had finished the stencil I noticed it was stained a bit. Might try a dye over it at some stage and see if the fairy stencil stays.

Yesterday I also had a go at making up a pattern for a pixie. Here she is in the works. She's looking like she'll be a winner at the moment. Her wings are still to be added but I'm thinking of just using some felt pieces.

I promise some shots from Womad. Maybe I'll get some shots of John Butler tomorrow evening. Fun fun fun:D


Kirsty said...

I love the look of your pixie 2D & I'll look forward to the 3D version.

CurlyPops said...

That pixie is so cute! I love John Butler. Say hi for me, wish I was there too!