Monday, March 10, 2008

womad - a feast for the eyes and ears

What a fab weekend we have just had! Exhausting and stinking hot but fabulous all the same. My photos are co operating after a few hiccups so I can show some off it off:)

Firstly Adelaide is having a crazy couple of weeks of extreme heat. It was around 40 both saturday and sunday so we skipped alot of the daytime stuff and went into the city for womad at about 4 each day and missed most of the real heat. It was still hot, but bearable. There were lots of little shower tents around which were really lovely to cool off in. Oh and please excuse the scrambled flow of thoughts. I'm still a bit weary and scattered.

Friday night was very cruisy. Not as many people around so we were able to try the organic donuts without cueing for an hour. Awesome! Then some dancing, drinking and listening to some awesome tunes. Fav's for the night were the black arm band featuring Archie Roache and Ruby Hunter among many others, John Butler and Beirut:)

Saturday we tried to get in the kids stuff before it all finished up at 6. The amazing drumming monkeys, carousel and a bit of face painting. Asher's was his first time at having his face painted. Crazy look that one!

There were some awesome sights to see. This massive puppet was wandering around. Poor buggers inside it! Did I mention it was bloody hot!

Amazing, amazing fire lights at night. My camera couldn't capture alot of it very well. There were these massive fireballs that hung from a even more massive crane. They looked amazing. Did i mention that? amazing:)La Compagnie Carabosse were the group behind these candle installations.

and some much smaller lights that i loved

Sunday Tully decided she would like to be a tiger and preceded to growl at every one in the crowd. cute:)

there was a bit of dancing

and tree appreciation

some more candle installations. These are singlets! loved them

Besides the heat and the dust, it was a truely spectacular weekend.
Man I'm bushed now though. Spent the day yesterday watching dvd's on the couch. Think it's calling me again:)


starashan said...

yay! sounds awesome Megsie!! glad you had fun! I was thinking of you in the heat- it was bad enough here in Melbourne, but Adelaide's heat, a festival and kids would have been pretty full on. And yeah- those little singlet lights are amazing :o)

CurlyPops said...

Wow, sounds fantastic. Wish I was there (apart from having to put up with the heat)!