Sunday, April 6, 2008

bloomin' lurgy's

What a crazy weekend we had here. A bit yuck really. The kids and I have colds for about a week, hankies go in and out of the wash with disgusting speed. Gross. Poor little Asher also came down with an ear infection on Saturday which resulted in some very sleepless nights for us all and very zombiesque people yesterday. And we're still all full of the dreaded lurgy! Poor us! Lach is the only trouper who hasn't come down with it.

So regardless to say not a lot was achieved over the weekend. However, I did pull out the paints brushes and finally finished the t-shirt that has been sitting on my easel for the last coule of weeks. It's going off to tikki's to become a pikki tint set and should make an appearance on ozebaby sometime soon. I also started 2 t-shirt to go with a couple of softies, which I have also finished.

Keo (above) is all ready to go and his little friend Gertie just needs some more stuffing and wings. I also made a couple of hairclips inspired by the accessories Gertie was sporting. They should be up in the shop some time today.


Sherrin said...

what a sweet little fella! I love your pixie softies!!

I hope you're all feeling better soon Megsie. xx

Bec said...

Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you're having a lovely day filled with fairy bread and yummy cake! Thanks for dropping by my blog (and thus allowing me to discover yours - I've been enjoying the read, and your softies are gorgeous!!) Hope your cold eases up for you today too. Cheers, Bec.