Wednesday, April 9, 2008

on my desk - a day late

Why do you have two camera batteries if both of them are flat at them same time? I found myself asking myself this afternoon. Oh well, the most exciting thing on my desk today and yesterday was this awesome piece of printing equipment which arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday. It was my birthday and Lach was so clever to organise shipment from Japan just in time to arrive on the exact day!!!! No he wasn't really that clever, it was just sheer luck. It still looks like that too! All boxed up. I still have a fuzzy head from a crazily horrible headcold and I don't want to tackle the gocco until I have a real brain again. Hope that won't be long now! I visited the health shop yesterday and got some stuff to help fight the dreaded thing and get me back on track. We got the gocco (and the image) from here.

Apart from staring aimlessly at the gocco, and looking after the ankle biters, I have also finished off a couple of t-shirts and have one softie/tee set all ready to go up in the shop Keo softie and t-shirt set should be making an appearance sometime tonight. I will also have a little gertie girl softie and t-shirt set appearing over the next day or so. She still has to "get stuffed".

Here's a little sneak peek at the next pikki tint set I'm about to send off to Tikki today. It's sure is going to be a cute set I think. A special boy's one!


Kirsty said...

Oooh you & the Gocco are going to be firm friends.

lindy said...

Ahh beautiful work Megsie! Hope you are feeling better now :-)

Sherrin said...

oh god. I am so jealous Megsie!! I have been quietly scheming to myself over the past while about how I can talk Guy into getting me one for Mother's Day, and have him think it was his idea .... ideas?? ;p You are going to have so much fun!