Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new pixies

Say hi to Jasper. He will be making an appearance over in the shop today. Go and check him out, he's very friendly.

Another addition to the pixie clan is Tully's new mate , who is yet to be named. Knowing Tully she'll be bestowed with a fabulous name, although her naming of our perch as Amy is really quite lovely.

Things are going very slowly at the moment. We had guests on the weekend so I spent a good portion of last week giving the house a good clean so not a lot of pixie making went down. I do have a couple cut out and on the way AND some t-shirts all ready for a bit of applique and then finaly some painting. THEN Iwant to get my gocco out for a spin this weekend! We have a friend's 30th though so there may be a bit of sore headness to conquer, although we did pass on the bus tour of the wineries so it may not be too bad.

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ittybittybirdy said...

You blog is amazing! It has really made me smile, post to post! What a wonderfully colorful world you live in!

Chelsea Ann ♥