Monday, April 28, 2008

still here...

I haven't been abducted by little green men. I've just been drawing them:) He's a bit cute hey. Hopefully he'll make an appearance on something sometime soon.

I'm not too sure where the last week went. It sure wasn't in a flurry of productivity craft wise. I have finished yet another pixie for my tulster and nearly another one for the shop. I've been doing a little bit of doodling and thinking about the gocco. I can't believe I still haven't got it going. Well I can really:) I have a bit of a list of things to do and I really want to do them before I pull out the gocco or I know they just won't get done. I'm pretty keen to get that little printing machine going though!

In the next week or two I'm hoping to have a bit of a stocking of some tee's as it's been a while since I've done much. I have some new sketches, like the little alien dude that I would like to pop up. I also have some more girlie pixie softies cut out so they will hopefully appear before too long as well.

Tulster is a big kindy girl now having started pre-entry today. She loved it which is so cool. I'm in search of something cool for her to store her lunch in. I have seen some pretty fab lunch bag thingies on etsy made out of wetsuit material and I'd love to make her something similar. I don't think Lach will let me chop up his wettie so I may need to find an alternative to use. Hmmm....... any ideas?

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