Tuesday, April 22, 2008

on my desk ......on a tuesday night:)

We're heading off to the zoo tomorrow so I thought I'd pop this up tonight. I actually cleaned up my desk today and it is looking rather spotless, for my desk anyway. I love giving it a good clean up and rearranging "stuff". It is never really spotless and bare though, just more organised.

I have a little easel that sits on my desk and usually has a WIP sitting upon it. Not at the moment though and since it was looking so bare I popped one of Tully's little paintings on it. I do love this one. She did it when she was about 18months old, can you see her little handprint? I think THAT is what I love so much about it. Most of Tully's paintigs do have her handprints on them though. She likes to get into her paintings but tends to end up folding the paintgs up and screwing them up these days. I guess it's just part of her experimenting with them but I do miss having her finished pieces to show off. She draws and paints recognisable forms now which I truly love. Such a delight to here her stories of what she is drawing.

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