Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Friday Archives

As I was hunting for paper for my gocco prints last night I pulled out a lot of my old drawings. It had been a long time since I had seen a lot of them, and some I had totally forgotten about. So I thought I would join in on this meme by Loobylu.

Sadly I haven't looked after a lot of my artwork over the years. Too much moving about and not having adequate storage has resulted in some ripped edges and smudged pictures. This one is not too bad but certainly needs a bit of attention.

My artwork has always been centred on the environment and particularly, feminine symbolism associated with it. Lots of gaia forms, spirals, ferility symbols but also lot of melancholy. This one is a pastel and should be framed but every time I get a quote for framing a pastel it is ridiculously expensive! So is hides away in a folder.

I'm a day early with this meme. With playgroup and other Friday shenaneegins I thought I may not get time to post. Check out Loobylu tomorrow for other archives.


Mandy said...

Megsie, that is just fabulous! I love it - oh so ethereal :)

gatosyrinocerontes said...

hey... I really like those little green men you wern´t abducted by! Very nice blog and just lovely dolls!