Tuesday, May 13, 2008

matryoshka's on the go

Thought I'd share some pictures of a couple of little tops I'm finishing off today and how they progress from sketches to the final pic.

I originally sketched the matryoshka for Tully but since she only wears dresses it's no use painting tops for her as they just get covered up. We did have a few tears today as she really wanted one of the tops, even though I told her they would be too small, so it has been agreed I will paint one on a dress for her.

So first a couple of little applique tummies.

Followed by a sketch of the doll's outline.

And then the paint. I like to do about 3 layers of paint and then add the fine details last. I had hoped to be at the stage of final details completed by now but Asher decided he didn't want to sleep today and has only just gone down for a sleep at 5pm. Oh well.... there's always tomorrow. Which is when I will hopefully be listing these two little lasses.

Along with one of my favourite stencil designs. Asher has had quite a few tops with this design on them, I like it a lot.


Sherrin said...

I love your drawing up the top... have you thought of doing something similar with your gocco?

Shannon said...

oooh love abit of stencilling and jazzing up ye olde bonds gear! They look ace.