Tuesday, May 13, 2008

on my desk....wednesday

Today's "on my desk" is a bit of a follow on from yesterday's post, the final stage in finishing off a tee, the heat setting. I do pop a piece of baking paper over the painting but thought I'd show the finished matryoshka rather than a blank piece of paper.

You may also spy some gorgeous fabric from pippijoe I love it! It's hemp too which I didn't realise when I bought it.

And under the fabric is my brand spanking new sketch book that I got for Mother's Day. Love a new sketch book and can't wait to fill it with scribbles.

The little matryoshka's will be going up in the shop later today. We're off to the op-shop and playground as it's a gorgeous day out today, but is supposed to turn wet and wild over the next few days, so we best enjoy it while we can.

Off to enjoy the sunshine. Go and check out some more desks over at kootoyoo if you like, there's lots of inspiring stuff out there


Kirsty said...

These are so lovely. I wish my girls were smaller.

CurlyPops said...

They turned out very cute!

tikki said...

Oh Megsie, she's gorgeous!!! I so would have bought her for Lily had I been quick enough LOL

Love the pippijoe, couldn't resist some myself :D