Saturday, May 31, 2008

sunday, sunny sunday

It's the first day of winter today, yet the sun is out and there is a lovely warmth in the air. Not in our house though. Brrrrr, it's a bloody icebox. Oh well, can't be whingeing on such a lovely day.

We're realxing a bit at home today. Some true winter activites have been taking place. Like gumboot wearing (well this isn't really season bound) however they MUST always be worn on the wrong feet. I want these boots for me!

Some pumpkin scone cooking. Pretty good although they could have had more volume. I can never get the height out of my scones that the country ladies from my hometown were always able too. What's the secret??? Later on today I hope to get the potatoes cooking to make this fabulous boston bun. Yummmy winter foods

And the budidng artist has been slapping some paint around. I love his work! But not his artistic temperament..... Gee this lad can chuck a tanti! He's so much more demanding than his sis ever was. Is this a boy thing?

And lastly a bit of prep for the listing of sweet Sunni for the shop some time today.


tikki said...

LOL Lily's wearing the same dress as Tully today! no gumboots though, she needs new ones. I think the secret to the fluffy scones was the lemonade recipes ;)

megsie said...

that's so cute tik. Tully will be pleased:)

Hmmm must source a lemonade recipe!

Toria said...

Do you do that shaping each one in your hands, to make them narrower but taller, before you put them in the oven. I've never seen the instruction in a recipe, but my mum always did it, so I do too.

ingrid said...

Oh yummy scones. I have no tips for you though as mine often end up like rockcakes!

The gumboots look pretty special too. I wonder if they come in my size?