Tuesday, May 27, 2008

on my desk.... wednesday

Someone has been at my desk, not me. These aren't my books. Whilst there are lots of pretty native orchids in them, I wouldn't have a clue about systematics and evolution. The crazy science dude has been busy at my desk most evenings of late. Papers, graphs and charts full of letters arranged in strange patterns have littered MY desk. Don't you hate deadlines. At least he has time to play with the hotrods.

I have been doing a little crafting and sketching. Some more softies are in the finishing stages and then I MUST get onto some trades I still have outstanding. I generally paint a few tee's at the one time, as I hate to waste paint, so keep an eye out in the shop as some painted tee's will still be making random appearances.

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1 comment:

Maureen said...

Those books look rather frightening. Glad someone else is working with them!

I had my time with orchids when I lived in Thailand. They were outside hanging in all the trees..lovely.