Saturday, May 24, 2008

awesome Saturday finds

Today was a day of lucky finds for me. I love days like this when unexpected little bits of happiness come your way.

Firstly we headed off to the trusty old Lions Bargain centre which holds an absolute plethora of thrifty finds. I came away with a cute little shopping basket, tin, battered old suitcase and these unreal insulated beakers. The beakers kill me. They are made by the Newlyne Division of JGLaser & Co pty ltd Melbourne (so the bottom of the beakers tell me) and have such wonderfully quirky images on them. They also bear a type stating light motors down the side which makes me think they must be some sort of promotional beaker. They're quirky and cool and in great nick

Then it was off to the city where I was keen to check out a $2 + second clothing sale at one of my fav shops Irving Baby. Lach dropped me off and headed to the zoo with the kids (what a good dad) First I dropped into Eckersley's, as I was going past, in the hope they may have some risso pens. I was thinking there was a slim chance but I was nearly knocked over when I came across a gocco for sale. I was pretty pleased they had twice as much on it as what I had paid for mine from Japan but super stoked as they have mounts, screen for cloth, bulbs and have ordered me in all the other stuff I need. The very helpful dude behind the counter also uses gocco for his t-shirt business! Super stoked and can't wait to go in and chew his ear off about all things gocco!

Anyway, off to Irving Baby I go but sadly came away with zilch. Dropped in to the newsagents to pick up a copy of Frankie and find an article on the very shop I had just been in. Crazy!

I love Saturdays!

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