Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday archives

Today's archived sketch is of my little sister, Lana. I think this is from 1994/95 but I'm not really 100%. I made an oil painting from this sketch whih Tikki now owns. For some reason I put a cat in the bottom left hand corner which never really looked right. Whenever I see the painting I wonder what i was thinking! I don't think Lana owned a cat or we even had a cat in the house.

I used to make Lana and Tikki pose for me quite a bit. Lana looks a tad grumpy in this sketch. I think I must have been taking too long.

Tikki posed nude for me in Year 12, which was very brave of her considering the whole school saw her naked, although she had left school by then. I also used to sketch my niece, Brooke, alot when she was a small child and have quite a few drawings and paintings of many of my other nephews and nieces. Sadly, I haven't drawn many pictures of my own children. I think I have only done one of Tully when she was 8 months old. Very remiss of me and I feel a bit guilty about that. Better get the sketch book out!

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Sherrin said...

This is lovely Megsie.... but I CAN'T FIND THE CAT!! lol (is it just on the oil version?)

(and I had to tell you, that I can't stop at a stop sign without thinking of you now... 'hammertime' pmsl)

megsie said...

sorry sherrin....just on the oil version lol stop looking for the cat! It's not there!

I love that you get the hammertime thing too! I love it rofl

Xiola said...

What a lovely sketch Megsie. Your shading conveys a lovely softness!

Lansi Liz said...

OMG I think I was definately over posing for you Megs! With a look on my face like that I must have been! Funny I think I remember you doing this and taking ...... ages....