Monday, June 23, 2008

all ready for bed

Today I finished off this nighty for Tully. She's super stoked and so keen to pop it on. She wanted to leave it on when I tried it on her to check the arm and hem length. Me.....ahhhh well I sort of like the style of it but those princesses. Here's hoping she gets over them pretty quick!

I was good and followed the pattern mostly. I didn't bother with the ties around the kneck or the elastic casing around the arms and didn't finish my seams properly. My mum would be horrified! Following the pattern though it doesn't tell you to finish seams. I would normally but oh well if it falls apart so be it.

The afghan in the pic was made by my clever little Mum. She used to make heaps of these to go on our beds in winter. It's double sided and so heavy and warm.

And this is what I found in my mailbox today. A very generous friend sent this to me and I was so surprised and stoked to find a package for me! Not for the kids, but for me!!! Such a beautiful bag made from very special vintage fabric. Love love love it


ingrid said...

Oh my! That bag is adorable!
The nightie is pretty cute too.

tikki said...

LOL Lily's got a bit of serious princess envy happening over that nightie because it ha Aurora on it and her jammie pants don't