Thursday, June 12, 2008

friday archives

It's been a while since I played. Well it's actually been a while since I blogged. No real good excuses, just no camera as Lach took it away with him and for some reason my pics on the hard drive couldn't be found. I am sooooooo uncomputer savvy it's not funny. So hopeless in fact am I that I can't even figure out how to pop the Friday archives badge on my page. shesh....

Anyway today's archived sketch is a conte drawing from when I did my teacher's diploma. We had a wonderful lecturer who allowed the art students to create visual images for assignments rather than write them. This sketch was about the different ways students take in knowledge. I'm sure there must have been some sort of written component to the piece but it's long gone now.

This is a little chick who is hanging out on my desk waiting patiently for some stuffing for her legs. Gee I hate it when you run out so close to the finish line. She's a special custom for a little unborn princess. I don't usually take on customs but I couldn't say no to this request. There are also a few more lasses and one lad hanging out waiting for their turn at some attention. That's if the little squirt who likes to accost me every time he sees me sitting down and demands "juice" allows me .

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Sherrin said...

I love your drawing Megsie. It's amazing!!

Re the banner, if you go to Loobylu or somewhere that has the icon, right click on it, and select save (to your pics, desktop or somewhere). Then go into the settings bit of blogger, and select upload picture, choose the banner pic, and add in a link to loobylu. Looks like you have already done that with the softies for Mirabel button. If you mean within your post, then you just save the pic to your computer, then upload it to your post like a normal pic- just save it somewhere you can find it!!

Hope this helps, and that it isn't too rambly!!