Sunday, June 15, 2008

knitting gibberish

Tonight I sat down and read and reread this pattern of tikki's for a beanie that I want to make for Asher. I have some beautiful, beautiful wool that I got from Katanya that it just hiding away in a basket with the rest of my wool stash and UFO's. Damned if I can read the pattern properly though. I get it, but must admit I get a bit lost and just "know" that the beanie will end up sitting with all the other unfinished knitting attempts I have. The only thing I have ever finished was with a lot of help from Tikki. I'm not really sure why I don't "get" knitting but all that weird knitting gibberish just leaves me damned confused and I always, always have to wait until I see tik to get her to fix whatever stuff up I have made. So sadly the wool and needles (I have the right size too mind you!) will sit and wait in the hope that I can talk someone (I'm thinking Lach's Mum at the moment) into making this cute little beanie for me.

Anyway, I love this beanie and the little chick wearing it. I pinched the picture from tik's blog - she's my sis and even though I didn't get permission to use it (naughty blogging etiquette hey), I know she won't mind. If you are gifted with the knitting bug give it a try. I think it's a winner. Me, I'll just keep collecting wool and picking up all my unfinished attempts in vain (I really want to finish the everlasting wonder soaker as Basher NEEDS more soakers). As for the wonderful felted slippers I dream of, well I think I'll keep dreaming cause me and knitting just don't gel. BAH!!

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tikki said...

ah Megs, I'll knit it for the Basher boy! Bring the wool over in July :D I'm having a little knitting renaissance at the moment :) I'll pop up some pics on my blog soon of what I've been doing. And bring his seaweed longies, I have some of that wool here leftover from them so that I can extend the legs for this winter :)