Wednesday, August 6, 2008

pixie perfect!

I often have this little phrase running around in my head. "pixie perfect" with a little american sort of twang to it. It's from Tully's little tinkerbell camera and I swear the bloody thing drives me a bit bananas sometimes. Whoever invented noisy toys needs to have a child continuoulsy pressing the buttons on one all day and see the effect. Mind you I did buy the bloody thing so am certainly responsible.

It has been quite some time since I last posted some pics of something I made. That's because it's taken me so long to achieve much these days. No morning sickness or anything just lots of getting around with kindy drop-offs and pick-ups and a bit of snoozing when the kids are and I would normally be working. Nanna naps have become a daily activity of late. Thanks so much for all the lovely well wishes for our very exciting news. I've already bought the new bub a little fitted nappy and tully keeps talking about all the little dresses we need to buy it.

I must apologise for the very disjointed flow of this post. Fuzzy brain today... So the pixies below. Well they're promised for pixies that will be zooming off to their new owners hopefully tomorrow if the rain abaits enough for me to get to the PO with them. The rain doesn't stop me getting around at all. Yesterday we braved the downpour in wet weather gear for kindy drop-offs and it was actually really lovely to be out in it. But I can't be taking little pixies out in the chilly rain.

Another reason for the quiet over hear in blogland is this is number 200 post and I really, really wanted to be doing a giveaway custom pixie or tee but have found myself just way too snowed under so promise to do a giveaway sometime between here and post 250. Cool?


Lesley said...

No you definitely can not take pixies out in the rain :) They are super cute as always Megsie. Enjoy the nanna naps

Mandy said...

lol Megsie! Lily has one of those cameras too - drives me bonkers :P The pixies are adorable :)

Super Monkey said...

lovely pixies as usual. Make the most of the manna naps.