Tuesday, August 12, 2008

on my desk ....

gee it's been a while since i joined in this meme. But to be honest nothing very different had been happening on my desk. However, the last few days I have been doing a little bit of painting and printing. It has been ages since I have done either and I'm really enjoying it.

I've been painting a couple of tee's for some trades for some very patient mumma's. My list of to do is getting shorter and I'm very thankful that these ladies have been so patient. I'll share pics of what I've been painting in another post when they are finished. After this lot are done then hopefully I'll get something done for the shop. It's been ages since I've popped anything up.

The gocco was pulled out last night so I could finally get some tags made. I'd been wanting to do these for yonks but wanted to photocopy the image to make sure I got a good print. It worked out great although I was a bit stupid and cut a lot of my paper the wrong size and hence have a lot of cropped tags but hey I'm not after perfection. Here's some of the tags being modelled by some pixies.

There is also a neglected pile on the end of my desk waiting for a turn in the washing machine. The weather lately has not been conducive to washing so my pile of material to wash is slowly growing. There's some denim waiting to be made into a painted pini for Tully, op-shopped wool blend, cord and some gorgeous prints from Hollabee. All destined to be clothing for she who must only wear skirts or dresses and the little dude who currently believes the only place he can sit is on top of me. Don't think I'll be achieving as much as I would like today!

You can check out some more desks over at kootooyoo


tikki said...

oooh, love the tags!! Now can you make me some? LOL

megsie said...

well it's on the list tik:D

Kirsty said...

Ah yes the joy of re-discovering an old friend.

I think the tags look great.

Maureen said...

Tags look lovely as does the picture on the left ...the tee?

Here's to good weather for your washing...a bit more space on the desk then for more pixilation.

edward and lilly said...

The tags are so gorgeous :)