Wednesday, August 13, 2008

pixies and pirates

A couple of little tee's finished for some little boys. Loving both of them and so much fun to be painting again. Gee I needed the break and it sure was a big one but I'm right back into it now. Full steam ahead!

ahoy me hearties!

*** crap shots taken with flash. grrrr. Apparently there is no sun anymore. Just clouds and rain. Brrrrrrrr


ingrid said...

Oh that little pixie is too cute!
I will have to show Lottie. She will be glad to know that even some pixies need glasses.

kermi said...

My little Bespectacled Pixie will love love LOVE him Megsie!!

Where IS the worshipping smilie when you need it? ;)


Lesley said...

Oooh loving the pirate Megsie !!! Gorgeous work and please you have your mojo back - sometimes it just goes AWOL doesn't it lol!!!