Thursday, August 28, 2008

in the swing with starashan

Gee I've been meaning to post pics of this gorgeous little number I got from Sherrin of Starashan for ages but the camera and weather have not been cooperative the last month. Every time I would pop this on her the battery would be flat or it would be raining. Today we got lucky and here it is. So super sweet and wonderfully made. I loved it so much when Sherrin popped a similar one up on her blog and was super stoked when she offered to make one for Tully. I love red on Tully and really adore the design Sherrin has used.

Tully adores it as well and Asher commented this morning that she was like a ballerina in it. Er well...... he does like princesses and all the girly stuff Tully loves at the moment, so if he think she looks like a ballerina well that's fine.

I especially love the detail on the back of the pini. It's a really lovely touch.

Amongst getting ready to face the day this morning I also whipped up this little skirt. It has been absolutely ages since I made something for my kids and this was so gratifying. I've had the fabric cut out for about a year waiting for me to pull my finger out and ,voila, after 1/2 hour here it is.

All ready for some booty wiggling fun!

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