Monday, January 26, 2009

beside the seaside.....

We're squeezing in as much as we can before the bubba arrives at the moment. Figuring it may be some time before we can go bushcamping again we set off for the long weekend down to a pretty little spot near Port Macdonald. We'd been told there was quite a bit of a drive off-road to get to the spot, no worries, we have a 4wd and are used to having to travel a bit off road. ummm not when I'm 37 weeks pregnant!!! By gosh I thought that baby was going to make an early arrival! All's good though and we're back home with everyone still in their right places...might have to give it another go in a few more weeks though.

Anyway it was a lovely spot. Great camp sites, nice calm sheltered beach, pity about the young hoons who decided to camp there as well and celebrate aus day with much hooning around sand dunes, playing very loud music and partying all night and most of the next day. Sheesh! ahhh the serenity of bush camping. This is just why we usually avoid camping over public holidays. Better remember it next time....

We did have a lovely time beside the sleeplessness. The weather was perfect. The kids had a bit of a fish on the jetty with Lach. Both got to wind in their first fish. Tully caught three different species, which is apparently very impressive.

She also spent a bit of time chasing Mr.Percival around and wondering where "Thunder boy" was.

Whilst the little rednut avoids the water and particularly seaweed as much as possible. Loves the beach, the waves and weed freak him out though.

So there's a bit of bushcamping crossed off the list for the moment. I wonder how old the little one need be before we go again. I keep thinking maybe easter but the thought of the crowds/hoons out camping sure doesn't inspire much of a want to get back into nature.

oh and watch out for Clara over the next day or so. She'll be up in the shop soon:)

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